painting2When it comes down to it, only a few things in life matter – love, family, friendship, and chocolate.
When I started out I wanted to make sure that my chocolate was worthy of its place on that list, so I use Valhrona chocolate – the best of the best – and have spent oh so many hours perfecting my recipes and trying them out with friends and family.

It’s delicious, of course, but good chocolate to me is much, much more than that: it’s sensual, intriguing, and a moment of complete escape from the chaos of all the everyday stuff that runs us ragged – a little bit of luxury that everyone deserves.

Formed with the sole focus on making the most delicious chocolates imaginable. Simple and adventurous flavours are carefully combined with the best quality single-estate chocolate. Little Cocoa Co. is the venture of Bristolian chocolatier, Lucy Clibery.